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Apparently I’m not going to post anything but faux-salacious headlines today. But I thought a line in this comment from a Columbus Dispatch poll was too funny to pass up sharing:

Illegals also steal hard earned money in the form of taxes to take pay for their housing and health needs. I am a struggling single parent who resents seeing illegal neighbors in a nearby twin single with 8 cars parked on the street (2 Lincoln Navigators), constantly drunk, stealing expensive dogs for resale and gang attacking innocents on the street. Wake up Big Brother – Kick ’em out!

Indeed. We must put an end to illegal immigrants taking America’s jobs dogs.

P.S. People are dumb. Note that in the poll, 54 percent of respondents say immigrants “mostly take jobs away from Americans who need them” rather than “they mostly take jobs that nobody wants” — in a poll attached to a story that opens with “A national crackdown on illegal immigrants could put the squeeze on an already tight labor supply for several industries in central Ohio.” The article continues:

In central Ohio, the restaurant, hospitality, landscaping and farming industries would be the most significantly affected, said Jim Newton, chief economic adviser for Commerce National Bank.

“Those industries are going to be competing for employees that other companies have,” he said. “It’s going to be kind of unpleasant to find entry-level workers, and it’s not that easy now. These people would be exiting at a time when the unemployment rate is relatively low.”

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Cleveland Councilman Mike Polensek apparently makes a habit of writing letters to “troublemakers” in his neighborhood. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has an article up about one of those letters because a mother is calling it racist and claims the councilman is threatening to kill her son.

Winston’s mother, Tonya Lewis, said she plans to speak to her attorney, former City Council President George Forbes, about filing a lawsuit against Polensek. She said she also has written a letter to black activist the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Lewis said she views Polensek’s letter as a death threat against her son because the councilman said “he didn’t care which one came first, that he went to jail or the cemetery.”

She also complained that the letter referred to Winston as “dumber than mud,” which she considers a racist remark because mud is black and dirty.

I think the racism claim is extremely thin, if not completely absurd. And it seems clear that the context of the councilman’s “jail or cemetary” comment is less of a threat than a warning about what happens to drug dealers in the long run.

But here’s the part of the article I thought was revealing and pretty much undercuts the mother’s position.

Lewis said her lawyer advised her not to discuss any legal matters involving her son. But she said she does not condone criminal behavior.

“If he did the crime, he has to do the time,” she said. “If he has to go to jail or probation, then that’s what he has to do.”

IF he did the crime? IF he has to go to jail or probation? Is she trying to affect an air of reasonability? Well, it fails miserably beneath the weight of her own suspicion of what her son has been up to.

She wants to make this about her son receiving harshly worded letters from the city councilman, but frankly I appreciate what the councilman is doing. It’s not as if he’s calling press conferences and publicly shaming a private citizen. All the publicity over this is being generated by her complaints, not his.

I like the in-your-face candor of the councilman. I don’t know much about him. Maybe he’s a total ass. I have no idea. But rather than bemoan the psychological, cultural, political, economic, and/or social ills that plague our urban communities and theorize endlessly about root causes and who is to blame, Councilman Polensek confronts the thugs and criminals directly, while they’re commiting their crimes, and says get the @!@#*! out of this neighborhood.

More please.

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Having a rapist’s baby is so empowering. I mean, imagine you’re raped, right? And then you find out you’re pregnant. Sure, you might feel hurt, angry, depressed, scared, worried about how to take care of the child, etc. You might even consider having an abortion. Or giving the baby up for adoption. But think of the opportunity you’d then pass up! I mean, every time you look at your child, you can be reminded that you were attacked and violated! Isn’t that awesome? I mean, surely that’ll show your rapist who’s boss! Revenge is yours! Ha!

Oh wait, did that last paragraph really make absolutely no sense at all? I’m sorry. I was just echoing the sentiments of Cincinnati pro-lifers pushing an Ohio abortion ban with absolutely no exceptions. Via As Ohio Goes:

Paula Westwood, executive director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, [argues] that men win and women lose when a child of rape is aborted.

“What has happened is, men know, ‘Well, if I happen to rape a woman, I can have her get an abortion,’ and then even if he goes to prison he’s free of all responsibility,” she says. “If (victims of rape) can carry the child to term, they’re free from any guilt from an abortion and they’re also freer because the man really has no hold on them, because even though the man fathered the child the woman has some victory over it.”

You hear that? Every time you hold your rapist’s child, Victory! Cause nothing says he-has-no-hold-on-you-now like raising his bastard child for 18 years.


So, okay, we’ve shown Ohio’s proposed abortion ban legislation shouldn’t have a rape exception, because rape babies are so awesome, but what about an exception for the life of the mother? I mean, “pro-aborts” are always blathering on about how women are, like, actual human beings whose lives we should value and stuff, right? So what about cases where a woman will die if she gives birth?

Ha! Don’t let them fool you! That’s just a myth spread by the Feminist Ministry of Propaganda Planned Parenthood, the creator of the bill assures us.

“It’s a fallacy perpetrated by the Planned Parenthood people,” Brinkman says. “My doctors tell me they’re never in that type of dilemma.”


Kos analyzed some of the actual language in the bill Tuesday. My favorite part is probably this:

All abortions are prohibited in this state. Whoever violates this section is liable to the pregnant woman, to the person who was the father of the fetus or embryo that was the subject of the abortion, and, if the pregnant woman was a minor at the time of the abortion, to her parents, guardian, or custodian for civil compensatory and exemplary damages.

Why would the pregnant woman who had the abortion be owed damages? Does Brinkman imagine that doctors are running around performing abortions on pregnant women against their will? Or that women are just too stupid to judge (and be held liable) for their own actions, so even if they requested an abortion it was only because they didn’t know any better and the doctor should still be punished for treating them as if they had free will?

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Via As Ohio Goes, the Cincinnati-based (and Daddy Dobson affiliated) conservative christian group Citizens for Community Values (the driving force behind Ohio’s recent draconian strip club legislation and the perpetuators of Ohio’s 2004 amendment banning gay marriage) are now suing opposition group Citizens for Community Standards for copying their name.

Charles Allen, a Virginia attorney who specializes in intellectual property rights and represents the Christian group, sent a letter Tuesday to opponents demanding that they stop using the name. Allen accused opponents of picking a similar name “with the intention of creating confusion and misleading voters.”

That’s not the case, argues Sandy Theis, spokeswoman for Citizens for Community Standards. “We picked the name for one reason because it accurately reflects what we stand for,” Theis said. “We believe local communities should determine what is good for them, and we define ’community’ as a local government.”

CZawadzki at OAG speculates:

This is how I imagine the thought process went: ”You can’t say you have “standards”. We’re the only ones who represent the community and have standards. In fact – we have a lawyer who is going to take you to court and say we own the word “community” and all political groups that use it have to ask our permission. Nah Nah Nenah Nah”

And if the suit actually goes to court, things could get complicated. In June, the state of Ohio announced that it would initiate a probe into the 2004 anti-gay marriage campaign, after a complaint was filed by Progress Ohio alleging that the amendment’s backers used CCV to channel campaign donations, since Ohio law requires political campaigns to report contributors but nonprofit charities don’t have to.

A group that in 2004 advocated for passage of a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage appears to have intentionally concealed its campaign donors and expenses, according to a complaint filed earlier today with Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. Citizens for Community Values Action raised and spent more than $1.4 million to promote the amendment, known as Issue 1, but filed no campaign finance reports in 2004 or 2005.

Now Dave Harding wonders whether this new trademark suit might be a dangerous proposition for CCV.

Careful there CCV . . . Trademark law is designed to fulfill the public policy objective of consumer protection, by preventing the public from being misled as to the origin or quality of a product or service. If you go to Court, you’re going to have to disclose the “services” that you provide that are the basis for your trademark claim. Those “services” are the same ones that Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is already appointing a special counsel to investigate. Are you sure you want to expose all that information to legal discovery in Court over a trademark complaint?

Regardless, Joseph at Plunderbund notes that the names may sound alike, but so do the names of at least 50 other Ohio community groups.

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Oh dear god (meant in an extended eyeroll kind of way, not an exclamatory kind of way).

An Ohio legislator just introduced a bill that would ban ALL abortions in the state with absolutely no exceptions:

Less than three months after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a ban on a controversial late-term abortion procedure, a Cincinnati Republican has reintroduced legislation to outlaw all abortions in Ohio. Rep. Tom Brinkman Jr. hopes his bill will become the vehicle for overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, which legalized abortion.

It’s a ridculous, introduced-for-attention-getting-purposes-only piece of legislation, because there’s no way anything like this could become law in Ohio right now — even if it managed to pass the legislature, Gov. Ted Strickland (who rocks, p.s.) would veto. And “pro-life” legislators admit that they don’t have a veto-proof majority.

But still ….. don’t these people have anything better to do then introduce pointless radical legislation? Aren’t there, like, actual problems in Ohio? Would it be too much to ask that our elected officials paid attention to things that might actually be beneficial to state citizens, instead of measures designed solely to demonstrate their superior morality?

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Oh goodness. My home state is banning-things-crazy these days. In 2004, it was gay marriage. 2005, smoking. 2006 — I don’t know, I think perhaps we were too temporarily consumed with the midterm elections to ban anything this year. We’re making up for it in 2007, though. The past few months, have been all about banning touching at strip clubs, and discussing banning school choice. And now? Gambling.

Gov. Ted Strickland and Attorney General Marc Dann this morning called on lawmakers to ban nearly all forms of gambling in Ohio, including so-called games of skill that Dann had attempted to legalize.

(For the record, Mark Dann is an idiot who will sign on to just about any old thing in order to get his name in the news. In the months leading up to the November election, in which he was running for Attorney General, he sponsored all sorts of nonsence bills about “Myspace predators” and other frivolousness).

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One Day

One day. No conference. Just a car.ohio1.jpg

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